I Never Saw This One Coming Part 2

I thought I had my life all figured out…for about 5 seconds. The Lord has once again shown me that I have no control over anything and it doesn’t do me any good to stress out about it. You would think that after being shown that so many times I would have learned my lesson. For the few of you who do read my blog, I have some explaining to do. My last post was about my impending move to Arkansas, and yet lately I’ve been posting pictures at Freed-Hardeman.

My transfer to CRC had been finalized for a few days. I had received calls from a few different offices at Freed wanting to know why I wasn’t coming back, but none of them offered a solution. One Monday afternoon I was walking around Walmart with my mom when I received a call from a number with the Henderson area code. I answered it expecting it to be yet another office that wanted to know why I was coming back but would not be able to offer any solutions. Boy, was I in for a surprise! On the other end of the line was the president of the school, Dr. Joe Wiley!!! I’ll never forget how shocked I was. He was personally calling to ask why I was not coming back! Within a matter of a few minutes he had assured me that he was going to take care of the issues I had been having with financial aid and would have someone to call me within a couple of days to get my classes registered again. I’m not sure how long I just stared at my mom in shock after I hung up the phone, but I finally managed to tell her what had just happened. Sure enough, the next day someone called me to get me registered for classes and things were well on their way to being resolved! The next weekend I was moved into my dorm!

Everything happened so fast that I didn’t really have time to post anything. Classes started and things just stayed a little crazy. Sometimes I’ll be walking around on campus and it doesn’t even feel real that I’m back. I’m so glad to be back with my friends and teachers that I’m familiar with. I’m especially glad to be reunited with my Chorale family! After I had been back for a few days, I had several people to tell me that they had been praying that I would somehow be able to come back. I’m thankful for these people(you know who you are) and I am so blessed to have them in my life! I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be living with my Grandma, but I know that she has good people helping to take care of her.

So Freed-Hardeman, looks like I’m here to stay…at least until I graduate.

Headed to the Blackwelders' for some fun! Photo by Micah Cox

Headed to the Blackwelders’ for some fun! Photo by Micah Cox

After a full day of classes, laying in the soft grass seemed like the best decision.

After a full day of classes, laying in the soft grass seemed like the best decision.

Fun at the carnival!

Fun at the carnival!


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