If It’s To Be, It Will Be…

Little did I know as I was driving to my brother’s house a week ago Sunday that my life was about to change…drastically. No one died, no one that I know got married, or had a kid; this is not about that kind of news. It’s funny how my brothers have a way of making me admit things that I haven’t even been wanting to admit to myself. In just a few minutes of talking to my brother, I was considering doing something that I had been completely against when I first moved to the US. And that was attending Freed-Hardeman University. I was deathly afraid of student loans and debt. It seemed like this dark cloud that hung over people’s lives and made them miserable. But considering how miserable I’ve felt in a lot of moments in my life for the past six months, it couldn’t be that bad, right? So after talking to my brother, I decided to at least try. I mean, registration and Interface is in a little over three weeks(back then). Why not? I decided that if everything went smoothly I would go. I prayed to the Lord, “If it’s your will, open the doors.” And He did.


I decided Sunday night to go. I told my parents Monday night. Tuesday night my brother and I filled out my enrollment and FAFSA. I received a call from the Admissions Office that same night. I was officially accepted to the school on Thursday. I received my Award letter for scholarships this past Monday. The Lord opened the doors wide open, in a way that I could not even possibly imagine! My mind is blown! I’m still reeling from the speed and awesomeness of all of this!

So my big news is: I’ve given my notice at work and I move to Henderson, TN in a week and half!!!!! I’m attending Freed-Hardeman University for a Business Management degree and I am SUPER excited!!!!

On top of all that, my mom arrives from Brazil next Wednesday morning to help me move. I’m really looking forward to seeing her and spending time with her after not seeing her for eight months! 


3 thoughts on “If It’s To Be, It Will Be…

  1. I actually applied a few weeks ago as well. I thought I was the only one who applied at the last second! I find out later this week for sure if I’m in. My registration process has been a little bumpier than some. But that is so awesome and I wish you the best! 🙂

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