Great Things Are Happening

I don’t know how many of you reading this know that I’m part of the church of Christ in Mt. Juliet. I can tell you this right now, I’m so thankful I am. This week is what we call our yearly stateside campaign. Usually a team would go to another state and knock doors and set up Bible studies. This year, we’re doing it in our own community in Mt. Juliet(for more info check out the website We’ve done two days of door knocking so far and it’s been awesome!


I want to talk about my experience door knocking today. I had never done it with such a large and organized group before. I can definitely say it’s way out of my comfort zone. I’m not the type of person that gets energized by meeting new people. I’m an introvert, so I get nervous and it drains my energy. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy meeting new people, it’s just not what gives me energy and motivation. But today was different. I know I talked to at least 12 new people today. At the end of the day, I was physically tired. But otherwise, I was pumped! Each person I talked to today was another soul that could one day be saved! Shouldn’t we have that mentality when we talk to anyone, ever? Every person we talk to is a soul that could be saved. Let that sink in. The cashier at the grocery store, the guy that changes your oil, your co-worker, or even a family member! I know I don’t think about that often enough. I hope my experience today sticks with me long enough to make it a habit to think that way.


We’re going door knocking some more tomorrow afternoon, and I’m still a little nervous. At least this time I know what to expect and what kind of mentality to have. I know that when the time comes I’ll find my words and tell people about what we’re doing and what an awesome God we have! Please pray for us as we try to spread the Gospel in our community and bring more people to Christ.


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