You know, usually I don’t like listening to rain. It makes me restless for some reason. Maybe it’s because where I grew up, I associated rain with lightning and thunder. And you never know where lightning is going to strike. I’ve seen it get too close for comfort on a few occasions. But on this Sunday afternoon, listening to the rain is actually kind of peaceful. It makes me thankful for a lot of things: the fact that I’m not out in it, for one. It makes me thankful that I also don’t have to walk out in it, instead of driving to Church later.

By now you’re probably thinking, “Wow! I haven’t seen you post anything in over a year! Why now?”. Ok, so maybe you’re not wondering that. But I thought I would tell you anyway. It has been two years since I moved to the US. Yet, there are still days when I struggle with the questions, “What am I doing here? Should I stay or should I go home?”. I thought my culture-shock would be over by now, but there are still days that I find myself getting annoyed by the little differences and seriously questioning the big differences. From now on, I will use this blog to post those questions about the differences in the culture that I grew up in versus the culture I am in now.  I will use it to post about Spiritual questions or thoughts that come to mind about what it means to be a Christian. Sometimes I may post about something that happened during my day that was funny and I thought was worth sharing. Basically, I hope to use this blog in such a way that it will make people realize that no matter what you’re feeling, or thinking, or going through, you’re not alone. You may be surprised about some of the things I plan on writing. Others, not so much. I just hope that eventually you will find something on here that is helpful, or at least amusing, along the way.


For those of you who don’t know me(very well, at least), I’ll tell you a little about me. I was born in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. When I was two and a half years old, my parents moved our family to Sao José dos Campos, Sao Paulo. That is where I lived until I moved to the US in April of 2012. My parents are missionaries(check out my dad’s blog here: I was always involved in some sort of Church activity. I did some public speaking with my mom at ladies’ retreats in favor of modesty. I taught the kids’ Bible class on and off for years. I also took music lessons, swam in competitions, and was the go-to person for desserts at potlucks. And ever since I was 12, I was sure I would be in Brazil, married to a Brazilian, working with my parents in the Church there. So as you can probably tell, I am not where I thought I would be. However, I can tell you that I fully believe God has put me right where He wants me to be. I do not know what He has in store for me, I do not know His plans. This I do know, He has always taken care of me. In the two years that I have been in the US, I have seen that more and more. I have even begun to realize some things in my past that have brought me to this point, and I see His hand in everything. Even though my life is not exactly the way I wanted it to be, I will continue to trust God. I’ll let you know what the outcome of that is.



P.S. – I did get up a couple of times while I was writing this post to check on the rain. It started raining really hard for a few minutes that I was actually starting to get a tad worried about flash floods.


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